The Simple Smokey-Eye: An Easy How-To

Possibly the most versatile look in a girl’s arsenal: the Smokey eye. This version is slightly different to the norm, but allows tons of room for your own personal changes. I wear this look nearly every day, but it can be changed to suit almost any occasion. For example, for a night on the town, add more black to the crease. For a lighter look, leave out the black altogether. Feeling wild? Replace the browns with greens or pinks for a more out there look. For this tutorial I mostly used my Urban Decay Naked palette, but the colours used are fairly generic so can be substituted with almost any brand. Remember, these are guidelines, not a rule-book! I also used the same brush for the entire tutorial, to keep things simple and easy to follow!

Step 1

Prime the eyelids using your favourite primer. I use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. Leave this to dry for a few seconds.

Step 2

Using a medium sized fluffy brush, cover your lids in a light brown. (Naked-Urban Decay)

 Step 3

Using the same brush, gently blend a darker brown from the crease up to just under the brow bone. Work some of this into the outer corner too. (Buck-Urban Decay)

 Step 4

Place some black into the crease and outer corner. Concentrate it more towards the outer corner and less towards the inner. (Carbon – MAC)

Step 5

Carefully blend the black into the brown on either side. This is a soft look so we don’t want any harsh lines. Add more brown or black as needed to make the transition between colours smooth. Take what’s left on the brush and run it underneath your eye, about ¾ of the way across from the outside.

Step 6

Add liquid liner. Draw a line from the corner of your eye up towards your crease. Then join the tip of this line to your inner corner and fill in the gaps. Drawing from the outside in makes it much easier to get a straight line!

Step 7

Add a highlight colour to your brow bone and inner corner and blend. (Virgin-Urban Decay)


Step 8

Finally, add some mascara and tidy up any fallout under the eye. And there you have it! A simple, easy to wear, customizable Smokey eye.